Terminal Server Licensing



I have a Windows 2003 server with Terminal Server & Terminal Server Licensing
install on the same server. In Terminal Server Licensing I Activated the
server and installed my licenses. If I connect with a teminal client, the
server issues a Temporary license and not one of my 20 Cals that I have
available, why?. I check the documentation on how to install terminal
licensing and everything is done according to the doc. What am I missing?

Vera Noest [MVP]

Did you install Per User or Per Device TS CALs?

If Per User, is the Terminal Server (not the Licensing Server!)
set to use "Per User" licensing? The default is "Per Device".
You can check this from Administrative Tools - Terminal Services
Configuration - Server Settings
If it's set to Per Device mode, it will look for a Device TS CAL
and will not issue your Per User TS CALs.

Check this article, it explains that even after you have
switched licensing mode on the TS, your Per User TS CAL count will
not be decremented:

822134 - The Function of Terminal Server CALs in Windows Server

Bruce Sanderson

1) did you set a "Preffered License Server" as described in the document at
in the section License Service Discovery and Preferred License Server WMI
Scripts? The Preferred License Server settings are in the registry at
There is a subkey for each configured preferred license server; the subkeys
have the name of the Terminal Services License Server and there are no
Values for these subkeys. E.g. the key:
says that the computer TSLS1 is a preferred TS License server.

2) with Windows 2003 Terminal Services, you can have either Per User OR Per
Device Client Access Licenses. A Terminal Services License Server will only
hand out licenses of the mode requested by the Terminal Server. Check that
the Terminal Server Licensing "mode" matches that of the actual license
tokens you installed.

Start, Administrative Tools, Terminal Services Configuration
Server Settings


I did not have a registry setting for my preferred license server, so I added
the registry key that you gave me. If I run lsview from the ressource kit on
my Terminal server, I see the license server, but if I run it on a
Workstation I can't see the License server.
Also, when I login with a terminal client, the terminal server issues a
Temporary license, and not my device cals. The Terminal Server is in Device
Mode and the licensing server also. Why is it still issuing Temporary

Thanks in advance.

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