Cannot connect to Terminal Server in App Mode



Terminal Server works on W2K, clients on W98/2000/XP. New
clients, after installing TSclient, cannot connect to
Terminal Server. Error is " The terminal server has ended
the connection". Therefore, clients can connect to other
servers, working in Remote Administration mode. What can
it be?


Yes, I checked EventLog on the TS. There are errors ID
1008 (The terminal services licensing grace period has
expired and the service has not registered with a license
server.) and warnings 1010 (The terminal services could
not locate a license server.). In the KB recommends to
delete some keys from the registry (X509 Certificate) then
reactivate License Server. Do you think it's help me?

Vera Noest [MVP]

I think that you need to hardcode the address of the Licensing
Server into the registry of the TS. The main problem seems to be
that the TS cannot locate the LS.

239107 - Establishing Preferred Windows 2000 Terminal Services
License Server

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