Terminal server drives....



Hi Everybody.............I'm a freshman to TS here

Having read through all the posts on TS it I can't seem to find a
definitive set of instructions on configuring Win2k TS.....so I'm had a
poke at it and done the following gather bits and pieces of info. from
here and there..........including KB195950....

We have roaming profiles and users have network personal drives and
also the default TS rootdrv......

Whats the relationship between these and how should they be config.

I've configured rootdrv to default w:\, roaming profile path in AD and
also h: network personal drives..... but when users login they complain
there confused because the rootdrv w:\ shows up with an "x" network
drive (w:) next to it and users personal drive h: appear...... but the
contents of w: and h: are the same it shows my documents(My Doc
redirecting configured via GPO) and a \windows\system directory.......

I've read the posts here and it seems some other guy has got the same
issue.......... whats the fix for this or proper setup....ran the
"set" command and everything seems ok pointing to the appropriate drives


Apart from forcing root drives on the remote users, lets look at the profiles

Roaming profiles seem to be the way to go with Citrix/TS. But the method
that works is to use Manditory profiles.
So the NTUSER.dat file in the users profile folder would be renamed to
You can then set the registry of the TS server to point to the location of
the profile folder. It should be out of the system partition on the TS
server and can even be on another machine. You can configure the locaton fo
the profile directory directory in the account settings in AD Users and

If you have one server the registery hardwired locations of the manditory
profiles works quite well.


Ok got what you mean.........

But if we want to do it via roaming profiles then do I set the rootdrv
to ie. drive w:\ and set the profile in AD Users
\\server\profiles\%username% and also redirect the My Docs via GPO to a
network home drive. Is that right........ this is what I have now and
when users logon if they open Windows Explorer they see
w:\local disk with their profile ie. app data, cookies.... windows....

and outside that I see My Documents which is redirected by GPO.......

But another thing I find strange is I have enable printer Connext
Client Printers at logon but the network printers don't seem to appear
when I'm in TS I'm using RDP Client 5.2 on XP and the server is running
RDP 5.0.....

Thanks for ur help..........


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