QNAP TS-653 Pro


Feb 23, 2002
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Legion Hardware have a review of the QNAP TS-653 Pro, based on the Intel Bay Trail-D quad-core processor - a huge step up from previous models:

QNAP has categorized the TS-x53 Pro series as business class NAS servers and that means they have to be very powerful. The TS-653 Pro quickly proved that it is, providing the best upload performance we have seen from a desktop NAS.

Moreover the QNAP TS-653 Pro showed no weaknesses as it was able to deliver first-class performance in each and every test we threw at it.

The class leading performance was impressive, but even more so was how much power the TS-653 Pro consumed to deliver that performance. QNAP states a maximum power consumption of 41.6 watts with six 1TB hard drives and although we used a different drive configuration, we also saw a maximum consumption of just 41 watts.

Read the review here:
Jan 4, 2003
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I have wanted a QNAP or a Netgear NAS for a few years now. 6 bay would be nice however 4 bay is going to be more probable.

One day I'll get round to saving and filling one with 3, or 4TB drives and ripping my entire DVD collection to it. Accessing it through my PCH-A400 would be fantastic.

Cost is always a problem unfortunately :(

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