Table of Contents (TOC) using page number from the footer, not the




I currenty have a document that has its footers seperated by even and pages.
The page numbers in the footers are also updated so that each even and odd
page combination counts as the same page (ie. page 1 and page 2 have footers
with page numbers of 1). However, when I make my table of contents page 2
will show as page 2, but I only want to show it as page 1 in the TOC. Is
there a way to make a TOC that pulls the page number in the footer and not
the page number of the word document itself.




Stefan Blom

For an automatic TOC, you will see the page numbers as determined by the
settings of the Page Number Format dialog box; you can't force Word to
display the calculated page numbers in the TOC.

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