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Professional Flower

Hi - I am working with a document that has a TOC as the first page and there
are ve several section breaks. I can change the "first page number" in the
footer, however the "second page number" continues to count all the pages in
the document. How do I get this number to read Page 1 of "2" instead of Page
1 of "5"?




Stefan Blom

In Page X of Y, the "Y" part is a NUMPAGES field (press Alt+F9 to toggle
display of field codes). Sometimes, for example if you have a two-section
document and you want to count only the number of pages in one section, you
can replace NUMPAGES with a SECTIONPAGES field.

In this case, since you seem to have more than two sections, you will have
to perform a calculation via a formula field. The simplest case is if there
is a fixed number of pages that should be ignored when counting; then you
could just subtract that number from NUMPAGES. For example: { = {
NUMPAGES } - 3 }.

In more complex cases, you can calculate the page numbers of the sections to
be excluded (using the SECTIONPAGES field) and then subtract that from
NUMPAGES. For example, in section 1 insert this SET field:

{ SET pagecount1 { SECTIONPAGES } }

and in section 2:

{ SET pagecount2 { SECTIONPAGES } }

In the footer: { = { NUMPAGES } - { pagecount1 } - { pagecount2 } }

Use Ctrl+F9 to insert each pair of field delimiters, { }, and type the code
as shown. Press F9 to update. Use Alt+F9 to show/hide field codes.

Note that in order to update all fields in a document, you will have to
select the contents first (for example via Ctrl+A); then you can press F9.


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