system tray icons


richard r

When computer boots, not all of the icons appear in the
system tray. I do not have "hide inactive icons checked.
The volume icon appears at some bootups and the decides
not to appear on other bootups. I have similar problems
with other icons at different times.
My system was upgraded to xp professional from windows
me. Running ME, I never had this problem

Anyone with ideas?


This is caused by Universal Plug and Play service.
Start/Run msconfig > Services and uncheck Universal Plug and Play. It is not

A tempory fix is to log off then log on.



Disabling "SSDP Discovery Service" and "Universal Plug and Play Device Host" has worked for me so far after two successful reboots. I went to-- start/run --then typed-- msconfig --once the "System Configuration Utility" opened, I clicked the "services" tab and unchecked "SSDP Discovery Service" and "Universal Plug and Play Device Host.

I've had this problem for a couple of years now. I hope this work around is good for the long run because the problem bugged me so much lol.

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