Some tray icons disappear



I need your help about this common problem runnıng on XP Pro SP2.

I have only 4 icons that have to appear in the system tray after
logging on. But sometimes some of icons disappear although they are
present at ''system processes'' when you do ctrl-alt-del and working.
But i cannot see some icons after start-up Windows.

These icons are:
1-Safe Remove Hardware (for my PCMCIA ethernet adapter, sometimes
appear sometimes disapper when connected to the internet at start-up)
2-Sound icon
3-A4 Tech's amoumain.exe
4-LAN connection icon

Sometimes, i did not figure out that one of these icons disappear
after just logging on Windows, maybe more icons.

Is there a hotfix or solution for this annoyance?

Note: I'am not talking about ''hide inactive icons'', well this
feature is disabled but still some icons disappear. Why?

Thanks for the advance.

Wesley Vogel

Notification area icons are missing at startup.

Try disabling the SSDP Discovery Service and the Universal Plug and Play
Device Host service.

Notification area icons are missing at startup

How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup

Your pointer changes to an hourglass when you hold it over the taskbar for a
few minutes after starting your Windows XP-based computer

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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