System Error 5 question



I have workstations that are connecting over Terminal Services to a
Windows 2003 Server. There is a network printer connected to each
workstation via a router.

I have installed the printer in a typical fashion and then shared it
out. I then added a new printer on lpt1 and then entered the following
at the command prompt to allow printing over terminal services:

net use lpt1: \\WorkstationName\PrinterShareName

When the users run this command from their workstations, they are
unable to. They get the following error:

The password is invalid for COMPUTERNAME
Enter the username for 'COMPUTERNAME' :

I entered the username and then the P/W (tried both the local and
domain username/pswds) and I get this error:

System error 5 has occurred.
Access is denied.

Anybody ever run into a problem like this? They have the rights to
print to printer BTW.

Thank you.


I also have the same problem. If you only have less than 2 printers you're
in luck. You can set the printer to lpt2 or lpt3. Unfortunately I have 3.
I'm still trying to figure out how to fix lpt1. It might be a setting under
xp that is doing this. win2k pro doesn't do this under power user accounts
but win xp under power users account does this.


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