Using Net use LPT1 command



We are mapping a DOS program to use LPT1 printing from a windows XP
workstation through a Windows 2003 server. The mapping is working, the print
jobs are going through to the printer from the server. We are using the
generic/text driver and in the "Begin Print Job" field putting in the PCL
code for a tray call. When sending a Test Page down to the printer from the
driver on the server the test page prints from the correct tray. After
mapping the LPT port using NET USE LPT1: \\servername\printername
/persistent:yes the dos program prints to the device but does not pull from
the correct tray. It pulls the paper from the default tray designated in the
printer. Does the NET USE command bypass the driver settings all together or
is it possible for the print job to use the Driver Default settings...both
under the "Printing Preferences" and under the advanced tab "printing
defaults" all have been selected to go to the correct tray when using the
PCL5e driver and that did not fix it either..thanks

Mark L. Ferguson

How are her paths entered in:

I would also 'error check' the drive. (drive icon, properties, tools tab)

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