System doesn't detect TV Wonder Elite



I have a system with a AIW 9600 as the main video card and I have
recently purchased a TV Wonder Elite to use for better-quality MPEG2
captures (replacing a Pinnacle AVDV card I was using before). For
some reason Windows doesn't detect the Elite card. Is it some kind of
conflict with the capture hardware in the All-In-Wonder?




Hi Mark,

sorry to tell you that any AIW model will interfere with TV Wonder Elite.
You have to go with a non AIW video card if you want to use the TV Wonder
Elite.This is a driver issue and the priority is given to the first ATI TV
tuner driver to load which is of course the AIW TV tuner , leaving the Elite
to remain unrecognized. To the best of what I've read so far on the subject,
there is actually no way to run both cards simultaneously. I don't know if
ATI can fix it of maybe they simply want AIW owners to buy another ATI video
card to complement the Elite... which is exactly what is hapening to you...

As you probably know, the option for a new video card is nothing less than a
9600 model for the best available output from the 550 Theater chip. I bought
my TV Wonder Elite yesterday. I did not installed it yet because I need to
get service pack 2 from MS fisrt. I'm still on 56k modem .... My video card
is a Radeon 9000 and I'll see how it will perform. I may have to upgrade my
video card too but I want to see how the Elite/9000 combo will work together
first. It may be just fine for my needs.

I tried to get the new driver and software for the Elite from the ATI site
but most of the support links won't work. Maybe it's my browser but I can't
get any support from the ATI site. How about you ? Can you get online
support ? Thanks.


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