Sysprep'ed image fails to boot after mup.sys loads


Richard Sanderson


I have a syspreped ghost image of win XP PRO created on a desktop PC
( compaq evo desktop ) the image works a treat. But if I try to boot
the image on other hardware ( compaq laptop / en desktop ) the boot
process hangs after the MUP.sys - I am assuming this is a problem with
the differing hardware in the machines ( irq conflict etc ).

Are my only options to go back to unattended answer file installs or
have multiple images ?

Has anyone got any tips on how to make 1 image support multiple
hardware specs - I thought this was the idea of sysprep ? .





Ensure that you have the [SysprepMassStorage] section
added to you sysprep.inf file, and that it's populated.
This should allow you to create a single image. The other
thing to watch for is the HAL. Typically different HAL's
require a seperate image file.

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