Switchboard in Access 2007



I've created a simple database in Access 2007. We have a switchboard whicc
appears at startup. Along with the switchboard, the form called'Contact list'
also appears and it blocking the switchboard (I have to click on the form tab
and close it.) It's only a minor point but I would prefer for only the
switchboard to appear. I've checked the settings under Office Button - Access
Database - Current Database but cannot seem to find a way to stop the
'Contact list' form fromappearing. I'm sure it's just something silly I've
overlooked but any advice would be great as it's annoying me that I cannot
resolve it.


Tom van Stiphout

On Thu, 20 May 2010 02:15:01 -0700, mariawhere

Search all code for DoCmd.OpenForm "nameofyourcontactlistform"
Also check all code behind the Switchboard form.

Microsoft Access MVP

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