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Nicolas Macarez

I am using Access 2007 SP1 and I wish to work on the Switchboard features:
understand how it works (between the VBA Code, the Switchboard form itself,
the Switchboard Items table, etc. how everything relates), create a
non-default Switchboard, modify the ugly look, add more items, navigate
between several pages in the Switchboard, understand how you can set it up
to launch at the opening of the database, etc.
Anyone knows where I can find a nice ressource or tutorial on the subject?
I have found some but it's pretty light.
Help appreciated.

Tom Wickerath

Hi Nicolas,

Here is a Switchboard FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that you might
find useful:


That said, most developers I know have long since abandoned the built-in
Switchboard Wizard method of creating switchboards. You can create nice
looking switchboard forms yourself, using an unbound (ie. no recordsource)
form with command buttons. Some designs incorporate a tab control, with a few
pages to help group similar functionality (ie. Edit, Reports, Misc., etc.).
If you use a tab control, I wouldn't use too many pages, and make sure they
remain on one row instead of having two or three rows of pages.

You can also incorporate a list box with items that a user can select from,
to achieve a panel like design. The listbox rowsource can be a table that
includes a friendly name displayed in the listbox, along with the actual name
of the object (query, form, report, etc.).

This web page includes a sample database with an unbound switchboard form
and a tab control:


Tom Wickerath
Microsoft Access MVP

Nicolas Macarez

Many Thanks Tom
This is exactly what I was looking for.
Best regards

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