I've lost my Switchboard !


Stuart Grant

I'm trying to use Acess 2003 after a long absence.
I've come a long way setting up a relatively small database. I wanted to
add a Switcchbard. I started the Switchboard Manager and managed to
make quite a good Switchboard BUT THEN ....
I wanted to change some of the fonts. I managed to change the title and
the first Option List item after opening the Switchboard in Design View.
But then, trying to change the other Option List Items, I tried to go
too fast and used the Format Painter. I got in a mess and apparently
deleted the label object. So when I closed and then tried to click the
Switchboard Form, I got an error message. It couldn't finfd the label
for the next option. I tried to insert a label but couldn't get it to work.
I finally decided to delete the Switchboard and recreate it from scratch.
Problem is I can't. There is no longer a Switchboard in the Forma List.
I can bring up the Switchboard Manager and all the data is there and I
even have a form Switchboard items with all the corrrect items.
My bible "Virginia Andersen" says you must tell Access to display the
default Switchboard by selecting "Switchboard" in the dropdown list in
the Display Form/Page box in Tools/Startup. BUT switchbox isn't there.

Sorry to be so long-winded but can anyone help ?

Gina Whipp recommended someone in answer to another message to see
but this does not load. You get 90% of it but then it seems to hang
"Transferring data from a.lake quincy.com"


Jerry Whittle

Delete both the Switchboard form and the Switchboard Items table. For a good
measure, do a compact and repair. Then Access will allow you to start from
scratch using the Switchboard Manager wizard.

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