Suspend Mode



when going into susspend mode the screensaver does not always work. when i
move the mouse after i come back there's no display on the screen and i hear
my scanner powering back up but screen still blank and no keyboard or mouse
will work afterwords. the only thing i can do is reboot machine and tell
tostart windows normaly. if i log off and the screen goes blank everything is
ok. the specs for my test computer is 2.66gig intel quad processor 4 gig of
memory 750 gig hard drive video memory is 1gig. can u tell me whats wrong
please email me at (e-mail address removed)

Richard Urban

Make sure "ALL" of your hardware drivers are of the latest compatible

Return from suspend is usually due to a hardware or driver problem. You may
never get it to work correctly.

For 2 1/2 years I could not get suspend to work correctly on my Asus A7N8X
ver 2.0 motherboard. When I rebuilt my system with a current Asus M/B
(P5Q3/Intel) everything just worked.

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