SUS updates downlaod but do not automatically install



I have setup SUS SP1 on our network running on windows
2003 server and put a test group of XP and windows 2000
clients (XP SP1 and 2000 SP4) into an OU that has
automatic updates settings. The settings point to the SUS
server and are set to number 4 (automatically install
updates at 6am). Problem is the clients download the
updates and pop up with the little message in the bottom
right of screen saying they are there but do not
automatically install them which is what i want. I have
tried switching the PC's off over the time of updates
assuming they will then install next time switched on and
also left them on through the update time but neither
gets them automatically installed.

Can someone please help...

Lucy [MSFT]


For SUS related issues please post on the SUS newsgroup.

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