Can use Microsoft's Automatic Update -SUS to ...



Can I use SUS SP1 (installed on W2K domaincontroler) to
update computers in other domains ?
What about if I have an Windows XP for update (or 98) -
can I use the same W2k SUS server to update them?


Hi John.

We have multiple domains at our office, but only one SUS server.
The domains aren't all in the same forrest, but some have external trusts
between them.

The setup works, but the usual problems with html applies, and that is
permission for users
As we have the servers setup internally behind firewalls, we have just
Everyone read access, but this might not suite everyone, although that
"problem" is pretty basic.

When you say (or 98), do you then mean Windows 98?
I might be wrong here, but I think that SUS (and Automatic updates) only
works for Windows 2000 and up, so XP is fine, but Windows 98 is worse. If
you wan't to update those clients, I believe you have to move up to a more
expensive alternative, namely SMS server, but this is just conjecture, since
I have never worked with SMS, and thus don't know its capatibilities.

// Henrik

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