Stuck in Safe Mode



Hey i was told by my computer to run a system restor in safe mode. After I
did this it said all i would have to do is just restart me computer and it
would return to normal mode. But when I did this it didnt work. I have try
many different things to try and get it out of safe mode but nothing will
work. Its will start to load win XP and then the sceen flashes and goes to a
screen that tells me to select which way i want to start windows. But the
only way that it will start is in safe mode. What can i do to fix this. Is
there a comand or another way to get out of safe mode. Please Help.

db ´¯`·.. >

safemode is an excellent
mode to try to fix many
problems that occur.

but if the disk is not well
tuned, like heavily fragmented
and short on disk space or if
you have a faulty disk, then
the restore can be inhibited.

what you can try is to
boot with your windows

skip the option to install
and instead go into the
recovery console.

when you are logged into
the disk system you can
then type and run this
command at the prompt>:

bootcfg /rebuild

there are other commands
available as well and can
be seen via the commnad>:


however, i would simply
suggest to run a couple of
other commands while
you are logged in:


here is more info:

ultimately, if the above
doesn't help, then a
repair installation with
window can help.

it will replace missing or
corrupted system files while
leaving your other software
intact. the process will also
erase old restore points and
make a new one as well:

db ·´¯`·.¸. said:
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John John

We don't know what you have tried so we can only offer suggestions. Did
you try removing the /safeboot option in the boot.ini file? You can do
this by manually editing the file or you can use msconfig and remove at
the boot.ini tab you can uncheck the Safeboot option. Can you confirm
that there is no /safeboot switch in the boot.ini file?

Didi yo try tapping the F8 key when the computer starts and selecting
the Normal boot option?



Perhaps something in the restore point you used has corrupted the start-up.
You could try another restore point or check "msconfig" to see if you can
select a normal start from there. Type "msconfig" in the run command.

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