Stopping dialog "Do you also want to save changes to the document template?"


Bob Day

Using Word 2003 with all latest updates.
This is a repost since I have not gotten an asnwer that has worked...
Every time a save a document (click on save icon) that originated from a
File New custom template, I get the question "Do you want to save changes to
the document template?"

To me, this is very dangerous and could ruin a lot of work on templates. I
do not whan this question asked at all.
How do I stop it from being asked? I see nothing in the template itself that
would cause it
to be asked?

To determine if it was a problem with a 'dirty' template, I did the
following simple test,
which indicates to me the problem is not with the templates at all.
Test -
Created a new template but did nothing to it and save it as a
template (i.e. a blank page).

Created a new document based on this and did nothing to it and
clicked the save button icon. It saved with no dialog boxes to test.doc.
Tools, Templates & add-ins is unchecked for automatically update styles.

I then typed the letter B, and clicked the save button and got the following
dialog box question:

Do you also want to save changes to the document template?

I answered Yes.

I opened, and the letter B was not type on it (which I would expect
it to be, since I indicated Yes).

I repeated the test several times in several different ways, and with any
change to the new .doc you got the save template question. Without any
change, you did not.

This question should not be appearing.

Any ideas?


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