stop my email from resending



why is that sometimes when i go to send on an email with attachment that i
received from someone else, it sits in my outbox and is actually re-sending
itself to the same people over and over. i have to actaully go into my outbox
and delete it but there is nothing in the sent folder to show it got sent at
please help as it isnt good when this happens as friends receive it 20 or so



Orland, Kathleen

Is this a relatively large attachment? Is your send/receive set to less than
10 minutes? Do you have AV actively scanning your incoming/outgoing mail?
This could be an issue when you combine all three elements.

Change your send/receive to 10 minutes. Disable AV scanning of your email.
It's not required, your real time scanner will catch everything it's been
updated for.

You can test this by opening Outlook in safe mode:

Start > Run > outlook.exe /safe
(note the space between outlook.exe and /safe)

If you run Windows 7 or Vista:

Start > Start Search > outlook.exe /safe
(same space, same place)

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