stop error problems on soyo kt600 dragon plus v2.0 amd xp 3200+



I trying to do a clean install of xp pro on a soyo kt600 dragon plus v2.0
with an amd athalon XP 3200+ 400Mhz fsb (Barton).
vid card...visiontek xtasy 9600xt 256mb 8x agp.
sound......soundblaster audigy 2
Ram........PNY pc3200 400Mhz, 512, one stick.

I keep getting this stop error:
Stop: 0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0x8090caba, 0xf8989734, 0xf8989434)

It is driving me nuts!!
Any input would be VERY welcome.



Mark L. Ferguson

Some Common reasons for this could be:
1) This is the most common reason. The Operating System, in this case
Windows XP does not have a driver for the controller card that is being used
in this system. this means that the appropriate driver needs to be
downloaded from the vendor's website and placed on a floppy disk. During
Setup you will need to hit the F6 key when that option is presented during
setup to load the driver.
2) Second most common reason This can be caused by boot sector viruses. So
make sure that the system is scanned for viruses before starting the
3) The volume could be corrupt and is not readable. not finding the data on
it or the data is illegible.
4) Post setup the registry may be corrupted.
5) Drive Translation is being used that is not being understood.

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