Stop c000021a error


the K

The following error appears when I attempt to boot my computer

"Stop c000021a {Fatal system error} Windows Logon process terminated

I booted in safe mode but windows will not let me perform a system restore.
A message appeared saying I had to quit safe mode in order to run it. When I
ignored and tried anyways, nothing happened. What's the purpose of safe mode
if you can't use it to restore?

Anyways, I disabled as many options as I could from msconfig, copied and
pasted system,software,default and sam registry files backed up by system
restore and this message still appears. I've searched Google and I haven't
seen a reliable solution to this other than performing a repair installation.
Is that the recommended solution to this problem?


Long shot but this worked once. Power off completely. (Pull out line cord).
Wait a few minutes, plug in and retry..

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