Stop: C000021A {Fatal System Error}



Last night I shut down my Windows XP Pro computer when a storm knocked out my
power and windows automatically installed 6 updates before shutting down.

When I tried to start the computer this morning it gets to the Windows
starting up screen, goes black for a few seconds and then a BLUE screen with
the message,

Stop: C000021A {Fatal System Error}
The Session Manager Initialization System Process Terminated Unexpectedly
with a Status of OXC000026C (OX00000000 OX00000000).

The System has been shut down.

Can you tell me how to get my computer back to where it was before the
Windows Update was installed?




Thanks for the reply but I just got it back to working using the method below.

Uninstalling a hotfix using Recovery Console

Boot into the Windows XP Recovery Console using the Windows XP CD-ROM or
using the startup option (if available). See article How to install and use
the Recovery Console in Windows XP for more information.

Type in the password for your installation of Windows XP, and press Enter.

When you see the C:\Windows Prompt, type this command:

DIR $*

This lists all the folder starting with the letter $. All the
$NtUninstall.... folders are now displayed. $NtUninstall folders are nothing
but the Hotfix backup folders, which contains the original version of the
system files, before the hotfix was installed.

Note down the Hotfix numbers matching the date you installed the problematic
Hotfix(es). Spot the Hotfix that you want to remove, and change to that
directory by typing this:

CHDIR $NtUninstallKBnnnnnn$\spuninst


CHDIR $NtUninstallKB873333$\spuninst

Once you're in that folder, you'll need to execute the spuninst.txt which
contains DOS commands, similar to a .BAT file. The command instructions in
this spuninst.txt file will actually copy the original system files to their
respective folders. To run the spuninst.txt file, type this:

BATCH spuninst.txt

The hotfix will be uninstalled. Restart, and see if the problem is resolved.
If Windows loads normally, open Add/Remove Programs and completely uninstall
that particular hotfix. This ensures that the additional files, Add/Remove
entries and other registry keys added by the Hotfix are removed completely.

If Windows does not load, load Recovery Console again and then follow the
above procedure to remove the additional Hotfixes one at a time, to isolate
the problem. If you install multiple Hotfixes in a single session, it's
difficult to point out which of the installed Hotfixes is preventing Windows
XP from loading. Hence you need to troubleshoot it on a trial and error
basis, using Recovery Console.




Thanks Mike for an interesting read.


Stourport, England
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