Star Wars Battlefront

Aug 15, 2004
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Hi guys,

I got Battlefront last tuesday for Xbox and i thought i would post my opinions of the game so far :)

One player is fairly short but enjoyable with some replayability thanks to the Galactic Conquest mode where you get bonus's from taking over planets, such as health regeneration or a Jedi Hero (Vader/Skywalker/Dooku/Windu). I have enjoyed this game mode because you can greatly change the way you play the game based on the bonus you select, jedi's make very good shields(but arnt playable). There is also an Instant Action mode where you pick a level and army then go straight into a fight, does exactly what is says on the tin. The other single player mode is Historical Campaign where you play through the battles of the Star Wars films in order with the relavant jedi present. I had completed the two Historical Campaigns, done the Galactic Conquest mode and some instant action within afew hours.

By far the best feature of the game is the multiplayer, i have played both split screen and Xbox Live multiplayer and really loved both. On split screen you can play on the same side or on opposite sides, with alot of bots thrown in. It does recreate what you would expect from a Star Wars battle. Didnt have much trouble finding a game on Xbox Live and it seems very popular in America, me being the only English person i heard over a few hours.

The vehicles are fairly well balanced, you will quickly pick your favourite ones, mine's the Gunship. To stop the guns on the vehicles being too powerful there is a kind of overheat/recharge feature which means if you hold down fire you will shoot less, if the bar gets empty without letting it refill then you have to wait for it to go all the way back up before you can fire again, this apply's to blaster pistol as well. AT-AT's have to recharge after each shot, but its worth it :) .

I was very impressed by the blaster rifle which is alot more effective then i was expecting, and partially negates the need to use a sniper because it is accurate and does alot of damage. Each army has a stronger and weaker characters, in multiplayer i noticed everyone picking the same classes. When you start the game it is in 3rd person mode, i found 1st person mode 10x as fun so i would change it straight away.

If you want a look at any vehicles or characters the battlefront site has some good info and it plays star wars music at you:D .

If you like Star Wars and want a good multiplayer game i recormend giving Battlefront a try. Happy to answer any questions i can about the game.



Cookie Monster
May 21, 2004
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Good reveiw dude :thumb: .

I got this game the other day too, on PC though. I was very impressed with the visuals and how the game handled with all the shooting going on and with all the bots. Lucas Arts normally use good graphics engines in there games, and this is on of the best in my opinion. It does get very repetative, but its one of them games which is supposed to, its all about shooting down as many as possible. I prefer it to Battlefield Vietnam already, the guns are effective and just feel right.
Definatly worth a look at, even if your not a fan of star wars.
Oct 25, 2004
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My son insisted that we rent this game last weekend just to give it a try. Needless to say, he spent the whole weekend playing it and I only got to try it once. It doesn't seem very deep, but the real fun of it is playing online. ( I guess my son should write this and not me)Ha Ha

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