Spool Directory filling up with 0Kb size spl files



Windows 2000 File and Print server. Printers installed
on local port using TCP/IP. Printers are shared and
published in AD. Users are are unable to print from
workstations and I am not able to send test prints from
the server. If I try to send a test print from the
server an error is generated saying "unable to create
print job". Additionally the spool directory seems to be
filling up with spl files 0KB in size. The files do not
seem to be generated by user print requests. I have
tried stopping the spooler and deleting files and then
attempting to print to see if a spl file is generated but
it does not appear to happen. I am puzzled what process
can be creating these spl files and what is stopping
printing. Any thoughts or ideas would really be

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