Spoolsv.exe - Application error



On our Win 2000 print server the follow error occurs and
teh Print Spooler is stopped:
Spoolsv.exe - Application error" The instruction at "xxxx"
referenced memory at "xxxx". The memory could not
be "written".

There are no SPL or SHD files in the default printer spool
location, what else could be causing this error/resolve
the issue?


We are having the same problem. The problem appears to
have begun after install of KB823980 and/or KB823559. We
also have no SPL or SHD files in the default printer
spool. We have uninstalled and reinstalled printers to no

The application error occurs on Windows 2000 client
machines after connection is made to Nortel Extranet VPN.
Spool service can be restarted, but as long as VPN
connection is alive, the errors continue.


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