SP4 - Retreat to SP3 How To



I managed to get back to SP3 by re-running the sp3express.exe
available where all service packs are listed on the Microsoft site.
I needed to do this, because I had not chosen to archive so
that I could easily uninstall SP4.

First you have to make a change to the registry to change
the service pack version back from 0x0400 to 0x0300.
Otherwise you will just get a message box telling you that
you can't do what you need to do.

This is for MS Windows 2000 Server. It's probably
so for all Win2K, but I can't check that.


CSDVersion = 0x0300





Wow, I think microsoft needs to work on uninstallation
files for service packs if you had to manually change the
value in order to install SP3. THanks for the tip!! Now
Norton Antivirus can finally upgrade.

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