SP4 crash


David K.

I see that others are having similar problems with SP4;
let me add my voice.

In order to apply the patch for the Blaster worm, I
applied Service Pack 4 (had been at SP1). Message
indicated that install was successful, but when re-booted,
had a fatal crash (screen visible so briefly that could
not read the details, as if that would help). Machine
cycles repeatedly thru re-boot and re-crash.

Attempted to do system repair using the W2K CD and the
Emergency Repair Disk (which I created just prior to
installing SP4). That also seemd to complete
successfully, but when attempted to boot, encountered blue-
screen crashes stating that 2 different drivers could not
be loaded. Ran thru the system repair again, but no

Finally tried to uninstall SP4 (since I DID create the
archive during install of SP4). But cannot get into
windows, even in safe mode, to do the uninstall. Can't
even get to a command prompt in order to do that type of

Any advice?? I'll try calling Microsoft in the morning.
Thanks, David

David K.


Have NOT been able to bring up my system. Can't do a
normal boot, nor boot to Safe Mode, nor boot to last known
configuration; crashes with a blue-screen every time.

I've decided re-install the OS using the W2K CD.

Since you don't have a W2K CD, here is something to
consider. Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 825062
describes how to remove SP4 (I know you are dealing with
SP2, but the process should be the same) using the
Recovery Console. I considered doing this myself, but
decided to re-install instead. That's all I can offer at
this point.

FYI: Curiously, I was successful in installing SP4 on a
Dell laptop (that is similarly configured to the one now
having the problem) on Saturday and have had no problems.
It's that machine that I'm using now. Go figure.

Good luck,

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