I do not have sound when I playback captured video. I went to the camcorder
software help section and it said to change the default device to UBS Audio
device in the sound Playback in the sounds and audio devices properties. I
am not given that option. I only have "VA AC'97 Enhanced Audio {WAVE}" as
the option. However, in the sound recording, I do have the USB Audio Device
as an option as well as the other that I listed above. any ideas??


Hi MaryAnn,

Did you install the Software for the Camcorder before you plugged in the
Camcorder to the Computer's USB Port? What is the requirement for the USB
Port according to the Camcorder Manual? Do you need USB Port 2.0 or is USB
Port 1.1 good enough?

Was the USB Audio Device selected in the Sound Recording before you made
the Captured Video? Are you recording and saving to the Camcorder, then
downloading to the Computer? Is the Camcorder attached to the computer, when
you are using the Camcorder?

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