Sound problems - only partially available.



Windows XP SP2 Intel Celeron CPU 2.6GHz 224 mb of RAM.
A month ago overnight all sound konked out on my system - Microsoft with
every update available. Everything checked out - connections, speakers, et
al. By fiddling over the next few days, I got about half of the sound back
on. Following is the current status -
DVD on Windows Media 11 plays sound and video good.
CD's music on Windows plays good.
BBC video clips picture & sound good on Media. BBC radio works fine. sound and picture okay - video a little jerky. - sound and picture good. - sound and picture good. - sound and picture good.

No sound when Windows opens.
No sound when Incredimail notifier comes on.
Ecards - all types - no sound.
Google videos - picture good, no sound. - picture good, no sound at all.
Firefox video clips - picture good, no sound at all. - no sound. - no sound at all.

Device Manager - System speaker - no drivers are installed for this device.
- Drivers Microsoft 7/1/2001 Version 5.1.2600.0
- No driver files have been loaded.
Update Wizard - no drivers to update or cannot find.
No device installed.

This last baffles me, as a device (speakers) are installed and operating.
Does anyone think there is any significance in the fact some sites work (i.e.
UK sites) and not others? Do or can sound cards operate on a split basis like
this? I realize this is a long post but felt it better to give all relevant
info. the first time round.
Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


I had the exact same problem, I think. What I found on another site was to
do this:

Start --> Run --> services.msc

In the window that appears, right click on "Windows Media" and click

Make sure it is running. If not, click "start".

That worked for me.

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