Sound card / sound devices not recognized



I recently re-installed XP SP3 after a virus attack and now my machine is not
recognizing my headphones nor my plug and play speakers (both of these work
on other machines).
My machine is a Gateway, built 12/2003, P4, Windows Media Player 9.
My best guess is that it is a sound card issue. I don’t know whether the
card is on the motherboard or separate: I haven’t ID’ed the type of sound
card yet.
I ran a program called Everest that lists all the components, but under the
motherboard I did not recognize anything that looked like a sound card.

I have made sure the speakers are properly plugged in and turned on.
I have run a number of troubleshooting tests.
When I go to Start/ programs/ accessories/ entertainment/ volume it says
there are no speakers installed.

Under the Control Panel audio section it states that there are no speakers
I tried the Add Hardware menu without success.

Under Device Manager, the Sounds tab lists various codecs (all are listed as
working OK), but I do not see anything I can associate with the speakers.

Incidentally, also under Device Manager there are a two items that have
large yellow question marks that indicate they are not installed but those
appear to be unrelated to the sound card (associated with the Ethernet and
something else). When I ran the menu to install their drivers, it failed
since their drivers could not be found on the net.

When I try to play a CD, WMPlayer states that there is no audio device
I went into the BIOS and did not find any evidence that the audio was
somehow turned off. There was also a System area I checked that stated that
Windows audio was running.
I read a bunch of posts that are similar to my issue (some suggesting
re-installing XP) without success.

If the problem is associated with the sound card, I assume that the first
step is to identify the card specs, then go to the OEM site and download the
drivers. If that sounds right, can you suggest how I can retrieve / ID the
specs (key words to look for like VGA, etc.?)

Any suggestions / comments about what is going on would be appreciated.

Andrew E.

Try device mgr,expand the sound tree, all the sound hardware (one
at a time),select "uninstall",do not restart pc after each uninstall.Once
exit pc,shut-off pc,power off.Move the sound card to another PCI slot,start
pc,xp will reinstall the card.Also,before the pc shutdown,maybe install the
chipset installation utility for the MB hardware,get this from the mfg
amd,etc),this has the xp drivers for most of the pc hardware.

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