Sound card recognized, but nonfunctional



Mainboard is Asus A8V Deluxe. I was using the onboard audio until
recently when it inexplicably failed.

Purchased a Soundblaster Live 24-bit card. After some battling with
the drivers (some driver software was detected as keyloggers among
other things), I got it installed.

I still have no audio however. I disabled the omboard sound in both
device manager (WinXP) and syatem bios; I still have a few [standard
system] devices listed under sound (audio codecs, legacy audio
drivers, legacy video capture devices, media control devices and video
codecs). There are no reported IRQ conflicts with the sound card. Do
I also need to disable the legacy audio drivers and audio codecs
(which I assume are running off the motherboard) for the SB to work?


turn off ALL antivirus and spyware software before installing any creative
sound card drivers.
remove all headings under 'sound and game devices' from safe mode

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