Sound card no sound



Clear DayMy system recently has the sound problem. No more sound 0r voice
I tried to plug off Creative sound card, and use the on board build in sound
also cannot.
Last time both can use. Today I found something: 20:51 2004-08-30

1. I went to Control Panel, click Sound and Audio Devices.
2. At Volume, it shows No Audio Device.
At Audio, three Sound playback, Sound recording and MIDI music playback
all show No Playback (Recording, MIDI Playback) Devices.
3. At Voice, also the Default devices of Voice device and Voice recording
No Playback (Recording) Devices.
4. When come to Hardware, I can see the on board build-in sound device VIA
Audio Controller (WDM) is there.
5. When I click Properties, from General shows sound device name, location
bus 0,
device 7, function 5. The Device status is: This device is working
from Properties I can see Audio Device, MIDI Devices and Instruments
and Mixer Devices.
But when I read Properties, I found something. All three the Status
"Driver is enabled but has no been started", so the " Settings" is not
6. The last Hardware. I tried to use Roll Back Driver, then come to
:hardware Installation.
But it says " VIA AC97 Audio Controller (WDM) has not passed Windows
Logo testing
to verify its compatibility with Windows XP. What it mean? All along
was OK with XP, and now can not!

I did reinstall Creative driver failed, so I tried to use onboard sound

Any high hand can help? Thanks

(e-mail address removed)


Make some sound in front of the microspft office, perhaps
it will help, haha.
Seriously , if a driver has not passed the Windows XP
tests, it often creates conflicts. But the onboard audio
should at least work, unless your motherboard manufacturer
also falls in the "hit list" of microsoft. In that case,
you simply need to have a motherboard that complies with
Microsoft's requirements fully.If the motherboard was
functioning well earlier, it means there is nothing wrong
in the motherboard. Did you try to re-install the SOUND
MAX driver (which is available in the original disk
supplied with the original motherboard - Intel)?

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