Slide number placeholders as on-slide objects in PowerPoint 2007


Howard Beale

I'm using PowerPoint 2007, but working in legacy file format mode because
some of my clients use PowerPoint 2003. I've noticed that PowerPoint 2007
seems to treat master slide placeholders, particularly slide numbers,
differently than in 2003. Specifically, slide number placeholders are showing
up as manipulable objects on individual slides.

This means I have to be very careful when using 'Select All', selecting
multiple objects by dragging, etc. Is there any way to make PPT 2007 treat
background objects the way 2003 did?


Howard Beale

Shyam Pillai said:
You are correct. This was a change made in PPT 2007. Unfortunately, there is
no way to revert to the PPT 2003 style of handling.

Thanks, Shyam.
It's an unfortunate change. Any idea why it was implemented?

Echo S

I'm pretty sure it was at least partly because of so many customer requests
to have page numbers and footer information appear on top of slide content.

For example, a user would put a full-screen picture on a slide, which would
cover the number. They'd have to copy the page number placeholder from the
master and paste it on the slide itself. This way, they can just use the
arrange buttons and bring the number to the top level or send the picture to
the back.

I don't particularly care for the way this was implemented -- I guess it's a
matter of "be careful what you wish for."

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