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I'm running Outlook '03 on Vista and am trying to insert my logo into my
signature. When I click on advanced edit I get the following "Could not find
an editor for H (.) files." I inserted a flash drive thinking that would
take me to my h drive to look for the file but no such luck. When attempting
to create a new signature I still get the same error message. I've also gone
to but I just got confused.
Any suggestions?

Thanks! Ann


I just bought two new computers, a laptop and a new desktop, and I'm running
Outlook '03 on Vista. I am trying to get my signatures back set back up.
First I tried copying them back into the source folder (which I can't find in
Vista). Now I am trying to create a new html logo and when I try to insert
my logo into my signature by clicking on advance edit, I get the following
error message "Could not find an editor for H (.) files" in both PC's. I
have Word 2003, Publisher 2003 and Frontpage 2003 installed. And I check the
Program setting in Internet Explorer to make sure that Word 2003 is the
default html editor.

The Foreclosure Guy


The following worked for me:

Open a New Message in Outlook.

In the Menu Bar that includes Send on the left side, there should be an
Options button.

Click on the arrow button located just to the right of the Options button.

Click on the Email Signature button.

You can create a new email signature right there by block copying it in from
the outside.

My signature now includes my business logo created as a .jpg file.

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