HTML signature - Picture shows in Preview only



I have followed the steps outlined in:

I have Outlook 2003 - Word 2002 SP3

I created a signature for HTML formated messages to include a Picture
(business card) - when viewing in Outllook Signatures (Tools>Options>Mail
Format) it is perfect. When the signature is inserted into an HTML formated
message however, it is only a box outline with the little box and red X-
indicating a picture but not displayed.

I have re-done MANY times. C:\Documents and Settings\"user
name"\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures - the signature folder shows the
3 formats for this signature plus the 3 files for the other 3 signatures
created without pictures. Plus there is a folder named for the signature
with "filelist.xml & image001.gif".

Can you shed any light - suggestions or ??? ,
Thank you.


Others have done it... just cant explain the reason or how they did it... so
must be a way... especially if Outlook preview shows it perfectly - I think
something is looking for something in the wrong place.

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