Sig file "could not be located."


Michael Krantz

I created a new sig file (actually to get rid of Active-X controls), and I
selected this sig for both new messages and for replies and forwards.

When I create a new message, it works fine; but when I reply to a message, I
get an error that the named sig could not be located, and it gets removed
from my "Signature for new messages" setting. (That gets switched to
"<None>", but my "Signature for replies and forwards" setting is unchanged).

I have tried both renaming and copying the sig file to other named files and
switching both settings to the new file name, and I get the same results
with the new-named sig.

Can anyone suggest what may be happening and how it might be fixed?

Also, can anyone tell me how to identify and remove Active-X controls in the
HTML source of a sig file?

Thanks in advance for help.

Best regards,
mike K

Michael Krantz

This error has now shown itself to be intermittent. Sometimes I can compose
a reply and the signature get included with no problem, but the error
described below keeps showing up again.

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