Creating/Changing E-mail Signature



I printed the MSOffice Online instructions and followed them to the letter,
going to Tools>Options>General>E-mail options>e-mail signature. All I wanted
was a smaller type size, so I changed it, click 'for new messages' and
clicked OK. Result: NO change in size and signature moved to extreme left,
beyond the original margin (which still works for the body of my letters)

After repeated failures, I erased the sig and started over to create it,
again following instruction step by step. I gave the new sig a new title and
began typing the new sig. First thing I noticed was that although type color
had always been set to dark blue and had always produced dark blue onscreen,
I was now getting black, though the setting had not been changed. One click
solved that- -but it struck me as an ill omen. I carried on through the end
of thesteps--and now I get no signature at all. Repeated attempts produce no
improvement. What am I missing?

Roady [MVP]

Version of Outlook?
If Outlook 2003 or previous;
-are you using Outlook's built-in editor or the Advanced Editor...?
--If you are using the Advanced Editor;
---which application do you have it set to? Word, Notepad, other...?

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