HTML & Plain Text Sigs ~ '07



After searching through the other posts and not really seeing a definite
answer, I'd like to put it out there:
Outlook 07 on exchange server ~
I have a sig with a few pics in it plus text.
My settings: Tools, Options, Mail Format tab, HTML is selected for "compose
in this message format".
My sig settings: For new messages = my sig w/ HTML pics.
Replies/Fowards = none (i like to choose when to
place my sig when replying & fowarding)

When I reply to coworker = they see the sig same way I do.
When I forward to coworker = the sig is in plain text; pics are gone.

So does the "problem" lie in the OTHER person's settings? I.e., they have
plain text chosen for when replying.
If so, when I forward, before hitting "send", do I have to go to Options,
and select HTML first?

Thank you in advance!

Roady [MVP]

Outlook will always reply in the format that you receive the message in. If
that is Plain Text, you indeed first need convert the message to HTML.

Note that "upgrading" the message format when replying is not considered
proper mail etiquette. The sender might be have good (technical) reasons to
use Plain Text. Only upgrade the format when there is no way to send the
message in the original format and when you are certain the receiver can
receive it in that format. In general, a fancy signature is not a valid
reason to upgrade the message format.


That is very helpful, thank you.

But what about when I 'forward' an email that has my HTML sig attached...
the recipient sees it as just plain text & images are gone. Is that THEIR
setting? ... to view forwards in plain text?

Roady [MVP]

There is a setting in Outlook to show all messages in Plain Text. The
recipient can indeed have that configured.

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