Outlook 2003 image problem


buffalo beano

My boss if having problems viewing images on Outlook and I cannot figure out
the problem.

Any time she receives an email with an image attached it only shows the red
"X". I am not able to click it to download the image and the prompt bar
doesn't show up to download it that way. Her signature also contains an
image which she is not able to view.

If I choose to compose a new message, Reply, or Forward, I can view the
image in her sig but the other images in the email are not there including
the image from her sig from prior responses.

She is the only one in the office having this problem. I have tried
comparing all of the settings on her outlook and mine and they both seem to
be the same. Our security and firewall settings are the same as well.

Any idea how to solve this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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