Sheet Labels in Access



I'm having trouble printing all 30 labels on a standard sheet of labels using
Access 2003. Bottom margin is fixed at 1" and can not be changed to the
actual .5" that is required. I was able to create a custom form that allows
printing all 30 labels in Access 97 but not in 2003. Any suggestions?

Duane Hookom

If you can't set the bottom margin, I expect this is a printer driver issue.
What happens when you attempt to set the margin to 1"?

If your printer is an ink jet, you may need to set the Top margin to .4 and
the Bottom to .6 and them move all of the controls on the label .1 down.


Thank you Duane for responding to my message. At home I have a HP 1100 laser
and it works just fine. At the customer site they also have a laser printer
but I don't know what kind. I will try your suggestion on Monday to see if
it corrects the problem. Thanks again...


Just a follow up Duane. I imported the correctly printing report from my
Access 97 database and it works just fine now. Fooling around with the
margins didn't do it. I thank you again for your suggestion.

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