MS Access 2007 Dot Matrix Label Printing



Hi thanks for your help in advance. In an Access 2007 report, I am trying
print a specified qty of 1" x 3.5" labels using a DOT Matrix printer. I've
setup of the label wizard with 1 column printing, continuous sheet, and the
necessary label dimensions.

Apparently MS Access will only print 1 of the same label (record) per sheet.
So if you print 10 labels you get 10 labels on 10 sheets. I created a
module using the MS article addressing this printing issue. It can be found
here along with the code that I used:

Here's the problem I'm having: When I enter 0 for the "blank labels" prompt
and say 5 for "number of copies" prompt, MS Access prints 5 then form feeds
the rest of the way as if it were a single sheet of 8.5x11 piece of paper.
This is desired result if you only want 5 labels printed. Unfortunately if I
enter 11 or more copies then it prints 10 labels, feeds past 1 label, then
prints 10 more and keeps printing like this indefinitely. It seems like
there is some type of looping problem with the code. I never changed the
original code that is reference in the article above.

I need to print how every many labels I need on a continuous form feed dot
matrix printer and then have it stop printing after the last label needed.
If it form feeds the rest of the way for several more labels then stops then
this isn't a problem. The non-stop printing is obviously the problem.

Any ideas anyone?



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