Custom Label Report?



I use Access 2000.

I used the label wizard to create standard mailing labels (3 columns by 10
rows). I thought by creating the "Label" report that I would be able to
create my own custom format for a standard 8 1/2" by 11" sheet. I was sadly
mistaken. When I look at the detail properties I only see the width of the
label. Where is the height of the label hiding? Where are the number of
colimns hiding? Where are the number of rows hiding? What about the margins
and between label spacing?

I would appreciate if someone can explain to me the process in creating a
custom template. I want to create 4 tickets per page (with stubs that are
kept by the customers). The Ticket size is 2.75" X 5.25" and the stub is
2.75" x 3.25." Remember that the 1st and 4th ticket & stub are affected by
the top and bottom margin sizes.


Duane Hookom

There is nothing hidden from you. The height of the label is the height of
the detail section. The number of columns and other properties are in the
File->Page Steup->Columns.
The number of rows is based on the
([paper height] - [top and bottom margins])/[detailed height]

You can create your own by setting the detail section to your ticket + stub


Hi Duane:

Thanks for your informative and quick reply. I did not know that the Page
Setup had that many variety of choices. Problem solved!


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