Page Setup with VBA



My office uses Access reports to print as labels using a local Dymo Label
printer. So a user clicks a button and the Access report prints as a label
with customer's address. I have ten people in my office that need to print
multiple . So for each user I create their own report/label to print to
their local Dymo printer (so that is 10 reports).

Can use VBA to control the Page Setup of a report? I just want to use one
report named "Label" that prints each user's local printer. So when user
clicks the print label button I want the following to happen the Page Setup
of the "Label" report:

Printer change to 'Dymo Label Printer'

Margins (inches):
Top - 0.058"
Bottom - 0.06"
Left - 0.023"
Right - 0.06"

Page Orientation to 'Landscape'

Paper Size to '30321 Large Address'

It does not matter who is printing the label the dimension stay the same. I
have to control this through Coding. Any help is appreciated.


You can define all that for the report. If they will always be the same,
then just define them in Page Setup with the report in design view.

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