Page Margin Surprises ... can't reset


Rob Schneider

I am unable to change margins on a report designed to print labels. I
change them, but Access ignores the change.


I have an Access database (Access 2007 fully patched) that I have been
been using for a couple of years with no significant changes (other than
data). I have one report which produces Avery Labels (for table name
card places). This report unchanged for at least 2-3 years.

The report was last run in early May. Running Access 2003 on Windows
Vista. That machine crashed and required a new hard disk. In the time
waiting for the new disk to arrive, I bought an Apple Macbook with
VMWare to run Windows XP. I put this Access 2003 app into this virtual
machine and experience no problems with maintaining the data.

This week, on having the need for the first time since early May, ran
this report to create labels for the dinner tables. Access warned me
there was insufficient space to print what was asked to be printed.
Ignored that and printed anyway. Labels all messed up and instead of
getting 8 rows with 2 columns got only 7 rows and not lined up with the
labels. Given that this report has not been changed and has worked for
two years, this very strange. Eventually looked at the margin settings
and they were simply wrong. Reset the margins to match the labels was
using, saved, and then tried again. Still did not work. Went back to
the margin settings and the *wrong* settings I just changed were back!

Lucikly, I have a desktop machine with Vista and Access 2007 with the
very same version of the MDB file. (The actual data in on a remote
MySQL server). I ran this version and successfully printed the labels
on the same target printer. The margins were correct.

I copied this mdb file onto the Macbook running XP with VMWare, and the
margins are wrong and unchangable.

What's going on? How to fix? I prefer using the MacBook for lots of

Rob Schneider

Replying to my own post to "refresh it". any thoughts. I think this
simply an issue with how Access 2007 works on XP vs. working on Vista
(and has nothing to do with working in a VM).



Sarah the Three-Horn

I'm having the same issue using Vista and Access 2007. A report I'm trying
to print won't change the margins to 0.25 each. The right margin is 'stuck
at 1.08 inches. Checked the Access Options settings and it's set to a
default 0.25 on all sides.

This is quite frustrating.

Douglas J. Steele

You sure the printer's capable of handling that small a margin? If it isn't,
then the printer driver will stop you from using a smaller value.

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