Mailing labels - page setup ?!?



I'm trying to set up a report for 5162 mailing labels. I got the specs of
4x1.333" label with .845" top and bottom margins and .1563" right and left
This results in a 11.021 page length which skips to new page before printing
bottom row of labels. Has anyone done this?
Also, I cannot get Page Setup to retain any settings. In fact, each time I
do File--Page Setup, the values change slightly even when I change nothing
else. For instance I see flip-flopping between .841, .842 and .843 for the
top margins.

Allen Browne

So, the Label Wizard gets the answers wrong.

Reduce the bottom margin (and the top margin if necessary) so it all fits on
your 11" page.

Internally, Access stores these heights in twips, where 1440 twips = 1 inch.
The last couple of digits can change when you convert thousandths of an inch
to twips. If you prefer, you can set the number programmatically.

Also, if you specify a margin smaller than the unprintable area of your
printer, Access will increase it.


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