Sharing error messages even when nothing is shared


Roof Fiddler

Every time I log on, I get the following error message:

This folder is shared with other people
If you delete this folder, it will no longer be shared.
Share Name:

It gives me the options to Continue or Cancel. No matter which I choose,
nothing seems to happen (other than the error message going away), and
always next time I log off and back on, I get the error message again. The
first time I got this message, I'd never tried to delete that directory.
I looked in the directory, and it's empty. (Not even any hidden files.)
I tried manually deleting that directory in Windows Explorer (and got the
error message again, though the directory did delete successfully), with the
result that next time I logged off and back on, the Welcome Center appeared
again (I'd previously set it to not appear automatically anymore).
So I again told Welcome Center to not appear automatically, and closed it,
and then when I logged off and back on, I got the sharing error message
I tried again manually deleting the directory and logging off and back on,
and this time I get neither the error message nor the Welcome Center.

Possibly related to this, I copied a bunch of my pictures from a DVD-R to my
Pictures directory, and then tried to rearrange (using Windows Explorer drag
and drop) some of the subfolders in Pictures which I'd just copied. I kept
getting error messages saying that if I moved the folder, it'd no longer be
shared. I got one such error message for each subfolder (recursively) which
I tried to move. I wasn't trying to move any folders into or out of the
Pictures folder, just rearrange some of the folders in Pictures.

And I don't even have anything shared on my computer. It's a fresh
from-scratch install of RC1, with the network location set to Public, and
all the defaults accepted.
This user foo for which I'm getting this sharing error message is a standard
non-admin user account, and is the second account created on this machine
(the first being the automatically created admin account).




I have the same issue, same sub-directory, but never investigated it as far
as you did. There's also a different sub-directory that comes up from time
to time.

It's a minor annoyance, but, an annoyance all the same. It doesn't seem to
affect anything.




I figured this out but it takes a little work.
If you go into windows explorer first you need to go the the
menu bar on top where it says "organize" drop that down
Click on folder and search options, then view, then hit the
radio button that says "show hidden files and folders" and hit OK
Then go the the folder
C:\Users\account name\AppData\local\temp\WPDNSE
The account name in the above path stands for all the user names
that have limited account access, except the one you're signed in under.
You have to go to this folder "WPDSNE" for each account name, they all have
When you get to the above folder right click on it and choose properties and
then click on the security tab and then edit and on the permissions deny
(check all deny boxes, if you check the top one all of them will check.) to
all the limited user accounts. Don't do it for admin accounts or system
account or the
account you're signed in under at the time you edit this folder permission
You then sign on to all the other accounts that are getting this popup
and do the same but don't do it for the account you're signed under.
You only deny permission to the accounts you're not signed in under.
If you do this with each account you'll eventually cover them all.
I only had two accounts so I only had to do it twice.
It sounds hard but once you do the first folder you'll get the hang of it
It workedfor me I hope it works for you...good luck

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