Setup.exe doesn't work - why?


Hans Näslund

I am having a problem with setup.exe, which means that there a number of
programmes that I cannot install on my computer (some of which I would need

What happens is that setup.exe starts, and I get the message that setup.exe
is preparing the InstallShield Wizard. The indicator bar goes up to 99% -
but then setup.exe closes down and nothing happens. No error message

I have asked this question a couple of times before, but I have not been
able to find a solution. Does anybody out there have a clue?

I am using Windows 2000 5.00.2195, Service Pack 4.

Hans Näslund


This happens on one of my machines if I have SETI@home running. You may want
to make sure there are no applications running in the background and stop
any unnecessary services. HTH.

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