XP won't run any SETUP.EXE files

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Hello All,

Just wondered if anyone has had (and fixed) this problem with XP Home. I am
unable to run SETUP.EXE files. These are all from InstallShield
installations, so it may be an InstallShield problem but I couldn't find any
reference to this problem on their site. The problem occurs with both
self-extracting EXE's and already extracted setup files, but I believe that
it all boils down to the SETUP.EXE file itself.

If you click on SETUP.EXE the hourglass appears for a few seconds, it goes
away, and nothing else happens. Here's a clue. When I try to exit or restart
XP, the SETUP resumes operation, but is not completed since the machine is
shutting down. I've found a workaround by starting up Netscape Navigator and
putting two tabs with internet sites on them. Then, when I try to shut down
XP, Netscape asks me to confirm in order to shut down the Navigator. If I
tell it not to close Navigator, the XP shutdown is cancelled, and the
SETUP.EXE resumes and completes the installation.

I've tried removing antispyware and firewalls but this doesn't seem to fix

Any suggestions?



Thanks for the try, but the fixes at that site are for when no .EXE files
will run. I only have problems with SETUP.EXE.
It does not appear to be caused by either of the two viruses mentioned here.

Still looking for the fix.


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